Compensation Information

New Teacher Salaries Increase to $52,000

Aldine ISD Trustees approved to increase starting teachers’ salaries from $51,000 to $52,000. Trustees also unanimously approved salary increases for all employees. Salary increases for paraprofessionals, auxiliary personnel, and temporary employees are 2%.

Salary increases for teachers, nurses, and librarians are $1,000. Note that due to the increase in starting salaries to $52,000, the increase for some steps is more than $1,000 to elevate them above $52,000.

Salary increases for speech pathologists, intervention specialists, diagnosticians, social workers, and counselors are $1,000. Salary increases for administrators and assistant principals are $1,200. Salary increases for principals are $1,500.

The Board of Education adopts a new compensation plan each year. Future salaries or raises cannot be assumed or predicted.