Inspire Aldine Event: Six Teachers to Share Inspiring Stories With Employees, Students and Community Members

Inspire Aldine Event: Six Teachers to Share Inspiring Stories With Employees, Students and Community Members
Posted on 02/12/2017

Mark your calendar to attend the event set for Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. at the Campbell Educational Center.Carver-HS-Ana-Colindres-PSAT-Nat-Hispanic-Scholar-

There is one word that describes teachers: dedicated. Ask anyone who works in education and they will tell you, this is not a field for the faint of heart.

Educators work long hours. They spend much of the spare time looking for ways to innovate curriculum. They strive to ensure their students find success in the classroom and beyond.

What inspires educators the most? Inspire-Aldine-MacArthur-Ninth-Grade-School-Elisa-de-la-Rosa

So what keeps educators motivated? What fuels their passion for teaching? What fuels them to give Aldine students the best educational experience possible?

Too often, teachers are the last people to sing their own praises. In spite of the fact that they are constantly inspiring their students. They are inspiring their colleagues and their students’ parents. Inspire Aldine gives teachers a chance to talk about their craft. Each year, educators share their stories of hope, struggles, perseverance and success.

District invites everyone to attend. Inspire-Aldine-Davis-HS-Chelsea-Davis-Bibb

Inspire Aldine is set for Thursday, Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. at the M.O. Campbell Educational Center (1865 Aldine Bender Road). The District will again stream live online.

Organizers have designed this special one-night event of talks to motivate and encourage. The evening will be a fun, communal learning experience for everyone.

Many AISD staff members and students will be in attendance as well as district and campus leaders. This is a great opportunity for parents and community members to chat with district personnel.

Attendees will also have a chance to talk to speakers one-on-one at the conclusion of the event.

Teachable Moments for Newbie, Veteran and Future Educators Inspire-Aldine-Karin-Lofton-1

Inspire Aldine is not only for newbies and veterans currently working in education. It will also be useful for any student or individual thinking of becoming a teacher in the future.

There is no doubt that the speakers’ stories will touch everyone’s heart. The talks will also prove relevant to those in the teaching field.

District teachers that attend the event will receive a certificate awarding them one hour of professional development.

About the Six Speakers Inspire-Aldine-Davis-HS-Raul-Ramirez

This year’s speakers are an inspiration to students and fellow teachers. Out of hundreds of teachers nominated by peers, the Inspire Aldine Committee selected six to speak.

  • Elisa de la Rosa @ MacArthur Ninth Grade School
  • Chelsea Davis–Bibb @ Davis High School
  • Karin Lofton @ Eckert Intermediate School
  • Raúl Ramírez @ Davis High School
  • Stephanie Spry @ Reed Academy
  • Paul Wilburn @ Houston Academy Inspire-Aldine-Houston-Academy-Paul-Wilburn

The educators’ stories will inspire many. Teachers will go back to their campuses ready to rise above. They will recommit themselves to the call of education. And these stories will cement future educators’ desire to pursue teaching.

In the Meantime, Get In On the Conversation!

Many AISD staff members have been promoting the event (@INSPIREAldine) on Twitter (@AldineISD). Get in on the conversation and share what inspires you to teach or. If you know the six speakers at the event, give them a shout out.

Plan to Attend and Discover How These Individuals are Enriching Students’ Lives!

Share With Us the Teachers That Made a Difference in Your Life

Let us know the teacher or teachers that made a difference in your life. You can share here, on Twitter (@AldineISD) or on the District’s Facebook page.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

— Albert Einstein